At Biogenuine our quality is proven through our high standards of excellence and strong code of ethics. We make sure all ingredients and components are sourced from only qualified vendors who meet our high standards, as well as "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP). Additionally, we also run extensive product tests and material analyses to ensure every aspect of the product development is thoroughly evaluated.

NSF Certification


Under our parent company Health Genesis Corporation, we are certified through NSF International. NSF is a Public Health and Safety Organization which has certified that our facility has the proper methods, equipment, and controls in place to produce safe, high-quality products in accordance with federal regulations. These are known in the industry as NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Choosing a company certified by NSF lets you know that the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of the manufacturing process is thoroughly evaluated before the company can earn NSF certification.

Most importantly, NSF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason the company fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions until full compliance is achieved and maintained. Companies that earn NSF certification are said to be “NSF certified”.

Member of the Natural Products Association

Under our parent company Health Genesis Corporation, as a member of the Natural Products Association we take to heart and strictly follow the following code of ethics:


  • To sell nutritional foods, dietary supplements, that may be helpful to consumers who seek to maintain or improve their health.

  • Sell only those products that are truthfully and legally labeled.

  • Engage only in business practices that are legal, including marketing and advertising that is truthful and non-misleading.

  • Support individuals and organizations to increase nutritional information and enhance consumer rights.

  • We are responsible and ethical in our relationships with customers, employees, peers, competitors, governments, and neighbors.

  • In the pursuit of this code and these goals, we will defend our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and press to lawfully impart truthful information concerning diet and nutrition, and will defend the health freedom right of consumers to obtain such information from the sources that they may choose.


Non-GMO Commitment

We ensure that our ingredients are free of non-natural forms of vitamins, synthetic hormones and steroids, and synthetic forms of botanicals.


Organic certification


Our facility and USDA Certified Organic products are recognized by ECOCERT. We chose ECOCERT for being a well-known certification body present in more than 80 countries that is recognized amongst professionals in the industry: Producers, processors, importers and consumers.


From its creation, ECOCERT is specialized in the certification of organic agricultural products. For 20 years, the ECOCERT's principal activity consists in inspection with respects of a standard's demands. ECOCERT then issues a document which certifies the compliance of the products with the standard. ECOCERT is an inspection and certification body established in France in 1991 by agronomists aware of the need to develop environmentally friendly agriculture and of the importance of offering some form of recognition to those committed to this method of production.